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How's Your Mattress Treating You?

How's Your Mattress Treating You?

Best Mattresses For Your Back

The most common wish for everyone to get a good night’s sleep is that the room is dark, quiet and cool air is circulating. However, that is usually not going to be enough, especially if you’re someone who’s prone to get back aches while sleeping. In those cases, something more is required from your bed, namely a good mattress that works for both you and your back.

Your choice of mattress might just be one of the most important purchases in your lifetime, partly because your mattress should be able to last for a long time, and also because you probably will spend a majority of your time in your bed. The fact is that as an adult, you need to sleep between seven to nine hours every night to recharge and replenish energy, and in order to recover, a comfortable mattress that supports your back is a great advantage if you’re trying to get better sleep.


There’s a lot of questions that goes into buying a new mattress for your back and body. What shape and size should it be? Should it be more hard than soft? What materials are the most firm and supportive? To give you an idea of where to find the best mattresses online, here are a few options of the best mattress brands that deliver straight to your door and that will most certainly give both you, and your back, a good night’s sleep.


If you’ve been listening to the radio or different podcasts, you have probably heard of Casper and their luxurious, U.S-made mattresses that brings out both the best of latex and foam, which contours to your body to give you the perfect amount of support for you and your back. Unlike other foam-based beds, a Casper mattress will not overheat or lose its bounce while you sleep.

Tuff & Needle

Tuff & Needle was launched in 2012 and is known for being one of the first companies whose main focus was in the straight-to-your-door mattress marketplace. As of today, Tuft & Needle is famous for selling some of the most affordable mattress in the industry, and their mattresses contains a unique foam which is purely based on the feedback that they have received from their customers.



In the span of just two years, Leesa has managed to become one of the major players in the straight-to-your-doorstep mattress industry, and their strategy is to focus on creating one mattress that works for everyone, no matter height, weight or body type. Their mattress formula is made from nice foam which provides good pressure relief and good bounce for your back.


Known for their memory foam mattress that contains a layering system unique to only their company, eve has created and their own memory foam mattress that provides both support and will allow you to achieve a cooler, and more relaxing good night’s sleep for your back. After going through four years of optimizations and 70,.000 different prototypes, eve sells only one type of mattress that is meant to provide support to everyone, no matter the individual.

All of these different mattress companies are dedicated to provide you with the best and most supportive mattresses for your back and your body type. It’s also important to remember that your mattress is only as good as the sheets, pillows and blankets that you buy alongside with it. While you’re looking for the best accessories for your new mattress, we highly recommend the Premium Bamboo sheet set by Dream Fit, which is a set of sheets that provide a perfect mixture of softness and benefits for your health, as well as the Abripedic Dual Contour Gel Memory Foam Pillow by Soft Linens, to achieve the perfect support and comfort for your head and shoulders. Have fun mattress-shopping!

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