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10 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

10 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

10 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of a healthy and happy life, and it’s important for both your mind and your body that you get the right amount of sleep required to recover and get ready for the next day. Here are ten practical tips to help you sleep better at night and improve your sleeping cycle.

Follow your body's natural rhythm

Try to have regular habits so that your body gets in the rhythm of waking up at the right time in the morning and staying awake throughout the day. The body has a natural circadian rhythm that allows it to be awake at daytime and become tired around the evening, so try to aim to get to bed when you’re feeling tired, and try fall asleep around the same time every night - even on the weekends.

Don’t go to bed stressed or angry

Try to solve all of your problems and anything that stresses you out before you head to bed. If you have a lot to think about, the brain won’t be able to unwind and it will be more difficult to fall asleep. Try to sort out the things that are troubling you, write down a list of everything you have to do before bedtime. This will allow you to calm down and unwind so that you will feel ready for sleep.

Lay off taking any substance at least two hours before bed

Skip the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine right before bedtime, since these substances will only make it harder to fall asleep or might even keep you awake during the night.

Take an evening stroll

Let all of your energy out by taking a walk or run during the evening. A night stroll or calmer activity is a good thing to do before going to bed, but try to avoid hard workouts since these will take about two hours for the body to unwind.

Skip the nap

Even if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, try to stay awake during daytime. A nap can make it more difficult to fall asleep later, and if you are feeling sleepy throughout the day, try to get some fresh air by going for a walk to get more energy, or maybe grab a cup of coffee or energy drink.

Do not work in bed

The bed should only be for your sleep, and if you decide to bring your work to bed, you will most likely associate your bed with work. The only thing that you should associate with your bed is tranquility and sleep, nothing else. Therefore, try to avoid bringing any form of work to your bed, and if possible, keep it out from your bedroom.

Remove All Noise

Annoying sounds can ruin the night for anyone trying to get a good night’s rest. If you have a lot of noise coming from the street or if you have a partner that snores, then it might be time to purchase some new ear plugs or even a white noise machine, a small electrical device that tones down annoying noises and emits coherent sounds of rushing air, also known as "white noise".

Get some scented candles

The calming scents of lavender and vanilla have been proven to induce calm and help with sleep. Essential oils or scented candles can help you turn your bedroom into a room of tranquility and a paradise for sleeping. Just be sure to not have the candles too close to the bed, and don’t let them burn overnight!

Avoid Using Your Cellphones And Computers in Bed

The light from your phone, tablets and computer disrupts your sleep, and ideally, you should aim to avoid using those equipments in bed. The use of digital equipment in bed can make your brain think that the bed is no longer associated with sleep, thus making it a lot harder to fall asleep.

Have the right sleeping environment

A mattress that does not contour the body, a hard pillow and a too hot or cold blanket can make you sleep less and even wake you up during the night. If you are sensitive to light or a certain temperature, make sure to fix these disturbances so that you can sleep in peace. To avoid annoying lights and keep the room dark at night, put up some extra dark curtains in your bedroom, such as the Navy Blue And Gray Plaid Navy Window Curtain Panel Set by Sweet JoJo Designs.

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